About us

Addressing digital transformation, development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity.

One of the key aims of the project is to develop new competences of senior adult learners by creating an innovative “SeniorVlog” Training and Mentoring Programme that will equip senior Internet users with key skills and digital competences.
This will allow them to become more visible in social media as active content providers. The goal is here to develop digital readiness and capacity of people aged 60+ to help them take active part in digital transformation and not stay behind. The SeniorVlog Program is thus also a way of inclusion in training, introducing age diversity in the field of informal education of adults. The project seeks to create an opportunity for senior adult learners to join a high quality training programme and its online version with the view of improving skills of mentors supporting people aged 60+ and those senior adult learners themselves. The teachers/trainers will have a new path of mentoring competences development, to gain new skills to support and mentor senior adult learners participating in project activities. The Mentors will improve their skills through the Training of Trainers course and in practice in the field, with supervision support from the Partner experienced in such methodologies. Addressing the training offer at Seniors and touching an unusual topic of Vlogging is an interesting way to improve accessibility of seniors to the Internet social media possibilities, that seemed out of reach without proper support that this project will bring.