1. An innovative comparative research and report on social media presence of Senior Vloggers (full document)
Summaries available in:


2. SeniorVlog Training Program Curriculum involving:
◉ Younger Youtubers videos as triggers for comparison discussions and inspirations for Seniors
◉ IT workshops, basic and advanced digital skills development for seniors to independently create vlogs and social media content 􀀀
◉ Preparation for retirement from working life – plans for the vlogging future, upcoming content production
◉ Media awareness, legal rights and aspects
◉ Internet security
◉ Sources of passion for elder life.

3. Mentoring Guidebook and recommendations for Senior Vloggers
Training and mentoring approach in building specific digital skills of senior adult learners interested in moving one step further to become a social media community fully-fledged content-creating valuable citizen and not only passive consumer of online content

4. Senior Vlogging Guide – online version
An innovative interactive self-study training online for a wider audience.