SeniorVlog: inspiring and empowering seniors to become Vloggers and conquer the Internet

SeniorVlog is the result of the cooperation of 5 European partners committed to address digital transformation and develop digital readiness, resilience and capacity among 60+ adults.

SeniorVlog project partnership is glad to launch the new project website:

Through the web platform we will share all the steps and outputs of the 31-month-long pan-European Erasmus+ project, funded by the Polish National Agency, aiming at improving the lives of elderly people, by better preparing them to fully use the possibilities of Internet and become more visible in social media.

Just as for young people the use of the Internet is natural and happens on everyday basis, more than 43% of the EU-27 population aged 65-74 years and over 21% of people aged 55-64 did not use the internet within the last 3 months of being surveyed (EUROSTAT, 2019). As for the social media presence, while 54% of EU-27 adults (17-64) use it regularly, only about 18% of seniors (65-74) are active in those communication means. There is still a strong digital divide between generations.

One of the key aims of the project is to develop new competences of senior adult learners by creating an innovative “SeniorVlog” Training and Mentoring Programme that will equip senior Internet users with key skills and digital competences. This will allow them to become more visible in social media as active content providers. The goal is to develop digital readiness and capacity of people aged 60+ to help them take active part in digital transformation and not stay behind. The SeniorVlog Program is thus also a way of inclusion in training, introducing age diversity in the field of informal education of adults. The project seeks to create an opportunity for senior adult learners to join a high quality training programme and its online version with the  view of improving skills of mentors supporting people aged 60+ and those senior adult learners themselves.

Project leaflets and downloads are also available in Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Italian


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