Breaking Barriers: Seniors Embrace Social Media with Seniorvlog

The SeniorVlog training was created to improve access to lifelong learning for seniors at risk of social exclusion and discrimination related to age and digital literacy. By breaking down age and technology stereotypes, the curriculum aims to improve the e-skills of seniors, empowering them to find their place in this digital community and give them a voice. The aim is to bridge the digital divide between generations and promote the active participation of seniors in the digital society. The SeniorVlog training programme represents a concrete commitment to building a more inclusive and connected community in the digital age.

The Erasmus+ Seniorvlog Project is excited to announce the launch of its latest educational material, designed to enrich access to lifelong learning initiatives for those vulnerable to social exclusion, age-related prejudice and technological disparities.

It is well known that maintaining an active life is crucial for the physical, mental and social well-being of everyone, regardless of age. For seniors in particular, maintaining social engagement and trying out new activities is essential for a fulfilling life. In this context, the intelligent use of the Internet and social media plays a crucial role.

It is important to recognise that staying socially active not only promotes a vital support network, but also helps to prevent the social isolation often associated with ageing. Social media provides an accessible and inclusive platform to connect with friends, family members and even new people with similar interests. By sharing experiences, ideas and passions online, seniors can enrich their social lives in meaningful ways. For those who are new to using the internet, it is important to provide educational resources and technological support to overcome any initial barriers. Learning the basics of online navigation and social media can open up a world of opportunities and connections.

At the core of the SeniorVlog training programme is the mission to dismantle the digital barrier surrounding the ‘vast realm of social media’ and challenge the preconceived notion that vlogging is the exclusive domain of young people. Beyond this, the programme aspires to empower seniors not only by improving their ICT skills, but also by nurturing their self-confidence, providing them with a cutting-edge avenue for continuous advancement through a new skill set.

The SeniorVlog programme is dedicated to strengthening the digital literacy of its participants, which include senior educators and end-users. A central aim of the programme is to cultivate the ICT and digital literacy of seniors beyond a mere passive acceptance of the ubiquitous presence of technology and online services. Instead, it aims to transform them into competent users and creators of online vlogs. In addition, the training aims to empower seniors by amplifying their voices and fostering an awareness that there are people interested in hearing their stories, experiences and passions. This is where the greatest value of the course lies – giving seniors a tool to express themselves and giving them the confidence to navigate the new social media space.

This innovative material signifies a remarkable stride forward in realizing the ambitious objectives of the Erasmus+ Seniorvlog Project, contributing significantly to the establishment of a more inclusive and digitally adept community of seniors.

For comprehensive details regarding the Seniorvlog Project and seamless access to the new material, we invite you to explore the official project website, where you can freely download the Seniorvlog training course.

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