SeniorVlog launches its second newsletter!

The months from autumn 2022 to spring 2023 saw eachpartner involved in an important research task and thecollection of reflections and opinions on the needs ofseniors which, shared and compared within theconsortium, laid the foundation for the training andmentoring programme for future SeniorVloggers. Theresult is a report gathering all data from the literatureand workshops conducted in each country of thepartnership. This document analyses precisely the useof Internet and social media by the over-65s andthrough these tools which contents are most searchedand explored. The report is available free of charge andcan be found here.

The training programme

The subsequent work of the Seniorvlog partnership concerned the creation of atraining course aimed at providing the basic knowledge and tools to join the worldof Vlogging. The course, realised with the aim of overcoming the stereotype thatsees the web only for young people, focuses on enhancing the digital skills ofseniors by developing both the content and the tools for making videos. Elementsof gamification, virtuous examples of national and international SeniorVloggers,and instructions for a critical and safe use of the web defined this important step ofthe project, now in the testing phase.

The training program addresses the following topics:

  • Module 1: Being a vlogger
  • Module 2: Sharpenng your digital skills
  • Module 3: Shaping your vlogging
  • Module 4: vlogging in a wider internet context

Mentoring Guidebook

During the same period, in parallel with the development of the trainingprogramme, the partners were also involved in the drafting of the guide to thementoring process for seniors. The intention is to train Mentors who, in anindividual process, can support the seniors so that they can benefit from theopportunity of vlogging as a means of expressing and communicating themselvesand their life story. This is a process of guidance in structuring their own vloggingproject and their own digital identity, an opportunity to have an outside eye tomaximise the potential of what they have learnt in the training course.

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